Understanding some causes of Health Disorders
These days, we live a hectic, fast-paced life.  A vast array of technical appliances, incredibly fast means of transport and communication and any amount of fast processed foods make our everyday lives so much easier. The technology we have today could barely have been imagined 50 or 60 years ago. As much as we enjoy all this, more and more of us are paying a considerable price for it.
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Fast food and fast communication is now a way of life.
There are an endless number of factors or stresses that affect people's health today; chemical additives and colours in our food and drinking water, environmental toxins, radiation and EMFs, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals, alcohol and cigarettes, the use of medicines in livestock, genetic modification of food and the list goes on.
When it all gets too much.
Imagine your body as an empty barrel at birth. Then, with each contact with everything in the environment, a little bit is added to the barrel each time. The regulatory mechanisms in your body can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stressors but in some people, the barrel overflows and the result is illness.
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The barrel analogy.
Our bodies are brilliant, adaptive machines. We have systems constantly checking, evaluating, processing then rechecking our internal terrain every second of every day, making sure everything runs according to plan. This process keeps everything in balance and maintains and regulates our state of health.
Constant, numerous or long lasting stresses can put too much strain on the body's ability to heal itself.
Our organs and systems work overtime to rid the body of stressors and toxins but sometimes it becomes just too much. The result can be seen in many "non-specific" disturbances where the symptoms are quite real and debilitating and may even cause on-going physical disturbances.
If the body experiences too many chronic stresses over a prolonged period this can impede or even block the body's regulatory ability as well as its self-healing abilities.
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The body desperately tries to eliminate disturbing influences but sometimes it just gets overwhelmed.
This process can be sudden or may take many years to present itself. It may begin with seemingly random symptoms like tiredness, muscle stiffness, mild headaches or pressure-head, itchy skin or maybe just feeling "a bit out of sorts".
As a result of these stressors, our immune system could become sluggish, preventing or slowing it's response to common pathogens.
Help. I feel bloody awful!
By the time you've gone from feeling "a bit below par" to "absolutely ghastly" your organs are tired, overloaded and desperate for a little R&R and you are at the end of your tether!
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Arrgghhh! Your organs and systems are overloaded - give them a break!
Your Medical Practitioner may run some tests and some may come back as "normal". Your symptoms may be given a "label"  and you may be told to take some over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs to relieve pain or inflammation and just "let it run its course".
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What are the contributing factors?
Now, I am not a medical doctor but I do know, like many other therapists, that there are many, many underlying, possible causes to illness and it may be  possible to find many of them using the testing device on the BICOM 2000. I can then identify the substances contributing to the stress or energetic blockages, reducing the stress load on the body and hopefully, making you feel much better.
Once the stress is reduced or eliminated, your body's self-healing, regulatory systems do their job, bringing the body back into balance and reducing or eliminating symptoms of illness.
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Eliminating stressors enables the cells to communicate unhindered.

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And with the stress of, they can eliminate the stressors all by themselves. Clever aren't they?
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If symptoms persist, please contact your Healthcare Professional.