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I've heard BICOM testing involves electro acupuncture. Does it hurt?
No. The testing device is an electronic probe (it looks a bit like a pen - see above), with a brass tip on it and is attached to the BICOM. As the therapist tests meridian points on your fingers and toes, all you will feel is a light  pressure.
Does Bioresonance relieve the symptoms of any other conditions?
Yes. It has been used successfully in Europe for over 20 years supporting all kinds of symptoms. It can also target specific pain sites and may offer relief in this area. 
What happens at an appointment?
The first appointment takes approximately two hours. We will discuss your history, symptoms and lifestyle then run a basic treatment according to some preliminary testing. Next, an EAP test is done to determine you overall energetic status. This is where I use the acupressure device to test points on either side of the fingers and toes.
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Energetic blockages are tested and treated and then substances that may contribute to stress on your body (stressors) are tested. 
After the stressors have been determined, they are prioritised which means we test to determine which ones are contributing to  ­your symptoms. Then we treat the top 3 or 4 and follow with an organ boost that helps your body process the information from the treatment.
The follow-up appointments are usually 60 minutes for adults and approximately 30 for children.
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Is it suitable for children?
Yes. BICOM treatment is a gentle therapy that poses no discomfort (aside from the need to sit still, which may be bothersome for some children!)
How many treatments will I need?
The number of stresses on your body and your present level of health determine the number of treatments. Generally, the average person needs between 6-10 treatments. People with more debilitating illnesses may require 15 or so treatments. In any case, most people begin to feel better after 2 or 3 treatments. Mostly, children respond quicker than adults.
Will I have to go on a diet?
It depends entirely on what type of stress is detected. For some very severe allergies, avoidance is advised for the duration of the treatment. Some disorders may require a special diet for a while but as a rule, no diet is required.
Do I have to take supplements?
The therapist may recommend that you take homeopathic drops or pilules or in the case of longer stretches of time between appointments, a BICOM chip. All of these are made especially for you at the time of treatment and are included in the cost of the treatment.
In some instances, multi-vitamins and minerals and/or certain supplements may be recommended to increase overall nutrition or to enhance healing. These may be purchased via any good Health Food outlet.
Are there any side effects?
Even though it feels like nothing is happening during the treatment, your body is processing a lot of information. As your body starts to dislodge toxins etc you may have a slight exacerbation of symptoms for a few days or even get cold or flu like symptoms. This is due to the detoxification process and is actually a good sign. It means the treatment is working.
Does the treatment work for everyone?
All treatments, whether it's medical or complementary, react differently on different people. We are all individual and as such the "one size fits all" theory just doesn't work. Although there are a few people who have found no relief from the treatment, the majority are extremely happy with the results.