Case Study #1
Symptoms:     Muscular aches and pain, debilitating fatigue, shakes and general malaise.
Olivia* was a fit 50-something woman who was into gym, cycling and various other sports.  She became unwell in June 2005 and had severe symptoms for about 6 months.
She came good for a month or two then had a relapse in September 2006. Suffering more chronic fatigue and muscle pain, she had to reduce her hours at work as the fatigue prevented her from functioning in her normal capacity. Usually quick and lively in her step, she was now dragging herself around, looking forward to collapsing into bed.
A neighbour of hers had been a client of mine and suggested she give me a call. Although she was very skeptical of the treatment, she was desperate for some relief and was willing to give it a go.
After some de-blocking treatments and some organ boosts I treated some of the stresses and asked her to come back in a week.
At the next appointment she said she felt awful the day after treatment but then a couple of days later she awoke with a sense of lightness, kind of clean and clear. She had much more energy and just felt better within herself.
After 6 appointments she was back to her normal, energetic self. Even collegues at her work had noticed the colour back in her face and the bounce in her step.
She hadn't told them previously about the treatment she was getting because of her skepticism but now she was happy to tell them all.

Case Study #2
Symptoms:  Chest Congestion; Stomach Acid; Sinus Problems; Allergies and Tiredness.
Barry* was 35, a car salesman and was into Chi Gong and was rather fit aside from the above symptoms.
There were many energy imbalances with very low readings in certain areas like Connective Tissue, Joints, Liver and Small Intestine.
One of the biggest strains on his body was unfortunately something he couldn't avoid - an environmental toxin. It is a toxin used in many manufacturing processes but especially in moulded plastics like new car interiors. Mostly, that "new car" smell is a mixture of common  toxins.
After 8 treatments all symptoms were relieved and Barry was sent on his merry way.
It is worth noting that the actual symptoms are not usually treated at all - just the overall stress load is reduced by treating whatever comes up, allowing the body to do its job of healing.

Case Study #3
Symptoms:     Chronic abdominal pain, watery, uncontrollable bowel movements, bleeding from the bowel, nausea, lethargy.
Rosalie* was 44 and was unable to leave her house for any length of time as the symptoms were so severe.
She was on steroids in an attempt to reduce the inflammation and also taking some other medications. As many of the drugs she was taking affected the liver, she had to have liver tests regularly.
She was so unwell that she couldn't sit through a "1st appointment" which takes about 2 hours, in fact she could only lay on the treatment bed for about 10 minutes before she had to use the bathroom. She was in a lot of pain and everything she ate went straight through her so she had no energy and as a result of her conditions, had lost a lot of weight.
Rather than distress her by having her sit through a 1st appointment, I did some quick treatments  every 4 days for about 4 treatments until her bowel had regulated enough to sit for a while. I then started testing from some strains.
The symptoms began abating within a few days and continued to decrease over the course of the treatment.
She weaned herself off her drugs** and with the help of some supplements to help repair the gut wall and some probiotics to help restore her "good" gut bacteria she has been symptom free for well over 12 months.
** Please not: I am not a medical doctor and cannot and will not advise anyone to go off their medication. It needs to be done under the supervision of their doctor or specialist. In Rosalie's case she had weaned herself off them before and was comfortable reducing the drugs herself as the symptoms abated.
It took approximately 18 appointments to get to this point.  

Case Study #4
Symptoms:     Emotional swings, shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, often had cold/flu symptoms and some skin rashes.
Candice* had suffered on and off with emotional swings for a number of years. All symptoms were exacerbated several months after the birth of her baby where the sleepless nights and uncertainty brought it all to a head and she had a melt down.
One of her family members knew that I did an alternative therapy of some sort and rang to see it I could do anything.
Although she had some cold/flu symptoms after the first treatment she felt emotionally more able to cope and a little lighter in her moods. Her comment was that she always felt "good" after her appointment.
After 9 appointments she was happy, having fewer outbursts and, aside from being tired from sleepless "baby" nights felt great.
* Names have been change for privacy.